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The player discovers a new trick in Metal Gear Solid 3

The player discovers a new trick in Metal Gear Solid 3

Metal Gear Solid 3 It came out in 2004, and although it has already reached the 18-year mark since its release, the game still has some pretty mysterious tricks. Recently, users of Youtube I found a way to skip an iconic game scene.

In MGS 3 there is a classic moment where Snake climbs a vast ladder to the theme of the third game’s Snake Eater. The scene became popular due to the delay in climbing to the top, and became a joke among fans of the game.

Channel YoutubeShow Abel a way to jump the giant ladder. This technique can be used by sprint players, as the streak lasts more than two minutes at its normal speed.

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Performing a series of commands in which a character needs to stay in a certain position and choose certain items, Snake gets into the famous “T-Pose,” a bug when a character’s form freezes in games. With this drawback, he can immediately climb the ladder.

Unfortunately, the classic Snake Eater song is also skipped when performing this trick. But at least the time to finish the game will be shorter.

source: IGN

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