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The PlayStation boss emphasizes its commitment to rich narrative and stunning visuals

The PlayStation boss emphasizes its commitment to rich narrative and stunning visuals

Jim Ryan, CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, has confirmed that story-driven games will remain a core part of Sony’s gaming lineup. Despite Sony’s increasing involvement in live services, Ryan highlighted… The continued importance of the narrative experiences that have become synonymous with PlayStation.

These comments from Jim Ryan, brought to you by Gamingbolt, was revealed during the last leak from a Q&A session with analysts in 2022, which was part of the leaks about Microsoft court documents. Ryan was asked about Sony’s plans to double its revenue from original games, especially regarding the 10 games scheduled to be released before April 2026 (now expanded to 12 releases in the same period). In response, Ryan explained that not all of these releases are expected to be a hit, and that success will vary depending on the situation. He highlighted that the company It will continue to publish narrative-rich titleswhich was the basis of the PlayStation effort.

Ryan stated: “It would be naive of us to assume that all 10 games will be huge hits, so this is not a necessary condition for us to double the revenue of the original games. This is certainly not what we assume. Obviously, distinguishing between success and failure is not easy. And don’t forget In doing so, we will continue to publish the games that have served us well over the years. These single-player games, Graphic beauty and rich narrative will continue to be the foundation of our self-publishing business“.

This reaffirms Sony’s commitment to producing story-driven and visually stunning single-player games, in line with previous statements made by PlayStation leadership, including Hermen Hulst, Director of PlayStation Studios. Holst previously stated that Sony Studios “will always continue to make single-player, narrative-driven games.”

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In addition to highlighting the importance of story-driven games, Jim Ryan also expressed his opinion, shared by many publishers in the sector, that… Services like Game Pass are ‘value destroyers’. This perspective reflects the debate in the video game industry about the sustainability and profitability of subscription-based services like Game Pass.