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The PlayStation Store is full of deals with base clips and games for under 15€

The PlayStation Store is full of deals with base clips and games for under 15€

Sony recently revealed a dual campaign with “Games for under 15 – already underway on PlayStation Store (PS Store)”. In addition, the “Basic Options” campaign is also returning to the official store today. That is, there are more games at good and great prices that you can enjoy until March 16th.

Among the offers available, we highlight the Ultimate Edition of FIFA 22 (available on PS4 and PS5 which, with these promotions, is now available for only €44.99 (from €99.99). In addition, this edition includes 4600 FIFA Points as well as Dual Activation Upgrade (which allows players to upgrade their copy to PS5 at no additional cost).

Game deals are back in the PS Store

Among the new promotions, we also highlight Among Us, a unique and very popular online multiplayer game. Now, this game is also available on the PS Store for only 3.19 euros instead of the usual 3.99 euros.

There are many other news and good prices to take advantage of until the next 16th, so check out the full list and pick your favorite games on sale now. In addition, you will also find games for less than 5 euros in the PS Store.

Here is a summary of the key offerings of this campaign:

  1. Between us: 3.19 euros (3.99 euros);
  2. ASTRO BOT Rescue Mission™: 15.99 euros (39.99 euros);
  3. Battlefield™ 2042 Gold Edition PS4™ and PS5™: €74.99 (€99.99);
  4. Car Mechanic Simulator 2021: €22.49 (€29.99);
  5. Dead By Daylight PS4 and PS5 Game: 11.99 euros (29.99 euros);
  6. Disco Elysium – The Final Cut: €25.99 (39.99 €);
  7. Dying Light: Platinum Edition: 14.99 euros (49.99 euros);
  8. FIFA 22 Ultimate Edition PS4™ and PS5™: €44.99 (€99.99);
  9. Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Needed: 14.99 euros (29.99 euros);
  10. Leave the hell loose: 27.99 euros (39.99 euros);
  11. Life is Strange: True Colors – Ultimate Edition PS4 & PS5: 59.99 euros (79.99 euros);
  12. Life is Strange: True Colors PS4 and PS5: €35.99 (59.99 €);
  13. Lost in Random™ PS4™ & PS5™: 14.99 euros (29.99 euros);
  14. Spider-Man from Marvel: 19.99 euros (39.99 euros);
  15. MLB® The Show™ 21 PS5: 20.09 euros (29.99 euros);
  16. Need for Speed™ Heat: 13.99 euros (69.99 euros);
  17. Saints Row: The Third Remastered (PS5 Edition): € 9.99 (39.99 €);
  18. TEKKEN 7 – Definitive Edition: €29.99 (€119.99);
  19. Our last part 2: 19.99 euros (39.99 euros);
  20. The Last of Us Digital Deluxe Edition, Part Two: 29.99 euros (49.99 euros);
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