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The Poco M6 5G should arrive soon as a rebranded version of the well-known Redmi

The Poco M6 5G should arrive soon as a rebranded version of the well-known Redmi

Poco M6 5G should be launched as a refurbished version of the recently announced Redmi 13C 5G, MIUI icons suggest

a Xiaomi Rumor has it that a new mid-range smartphone is scheduled to be announced soon. In addition to the already expected Poco X6 series devices, the Poco M family should also get a new member.

Photo: Breno Barrera/Canaltech

The information was shared by Kacper Skrzypek, known as @kacskrz on X/old Twitter, known for its ability to find hidden details in MIUI icons. Now it’s his turn to find references to the supposed Poco M6 5G, whose name is clearly mentioned in the codes.

Apparently, the smartphone should have the model number ā€œ23128PC33Iā€. According to Xiaomi’s identification standard, the numbers “23” and “12” indicate when the company plans to announce the smartphone, which may appear in December 2023, while the letter “I” at the end indicates that the model is targeting India.

Skrzypek himself speculated that the Poco M6 5G would be based on the Redmi 13C 5G ā€“ and that Redmi model served as the basis for the Redmi 13C 5G. Redmi 13R 5G was announced in China last Friday (8).

If this rumor is true, the device will be announced with a MediaTek Dimensity 6100 Plus processor and a platform. Which is also found in the Realme 11x 5G. In addition, the model could feature a 6.74-inch display with HD+ resolution and 90Hz refresh rate support, as well as a 50MP main rear camera.

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The Poco M6 5G will join what has already been announced Poco M6 Pro 5Gwhich actually was The same was analyzed here on FreeGameGuide Which highlights the glass touches on the back and the good battery life. Unfortunately, there is no specific release date, but it could be announced very soon.

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