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Na lotnisku Makowice-Płoty (woj. zachodniopomorskie) rozpoczął się w czwartek 27. Pol

The Pol’and’Rock Festival began with a hybrid formula. The event has a new location

The 27th Polish Rock Festival kicked off on Thursday at the Magovis-Pyotr Airport (West Pomeranian Voidoship). This is the first edition of the event at this location. The event takes place on a hybrid formula – tickets can fetch 20,000. People, and concerts and meetings are broadcast online.

You? – Jersey Ovsiak, the founder and chairman of the Polland Rock Festival, asked from the stage of the festival participants, to which those gathered in front of the stage responded with shouts. We thank each of you individually for that“- he said.

Let us think about what might be new, what a new challenge is, and what can create something unique in this unstoppable, talkative Poland. Again the place where we can be tolerant of each other, beautiful, wonderful, we say “thank you”. I did not ask you about religion or politics. I ask you about love, friendship, music – these are the key elements of being together Ovsiak continued. He asked those in front of the stage to think for half a minute about those who could not come because “Govt took them”. He noted that the usual oath, which begins with the words, “This is my land that I care for,” is often made on Saturdays. Most of the participants are expected to arrive on this day.

The opening of the 27th Polland Rock featured a short performance and aerobatics performance by the youth brass band from Pyotr. “Leave!” Officially opened by Roman Polaski, a retired train station manager in ary. That person started the party in 1997.

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We are quiet, everything works, everything is under control – Ovsiyak said before the festival, the event was newly organized – before this there was no infrastructure at the Magovis-Pyodi airport.

People who come to us know where they are going, they know what we expect from them, and we all emotionally accept such cooperation.
Said Ovsiak. He pointed out that more than 8,000 people have come to the festival venue so far. People. The gates opened on Tuesday morning. Each participant must pass the Govt-19 exam.

Until now, one person had a positive test, the second test was done immediately, and then a PCR test, unfortunately it was positive all the time. The woman was vaccinated, but returned home to Krakow with her husband – Ovsiak said. He added that the situation “proves that the idea with the tests was very good”. We meet with vaccinated people and subject them to these tests – He insisted.

At this year’s event, the limit of participants was introduced – 20 thousand. Tickets. Their price is the price of the mandatory Govit-19 test, disinfectants and masks. Events and meetings are also broadcast on the festival’s social media.

The Tabu Band began their concert on Thursday. Wawamufin, Joustics, Aona, Weber & the Pimps, Renata Presmick, Ross Dwa Tracy and Ida Grubasa will also appear on the main stage until the evening. Trupa will perform at the night theater of the Trupa Academy of Fine Arts. In addition to concerts, there are numerous meetings and workshops.

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Pol’and’Rock (23 editions, up to 2017, Przystanek Woodstock) is the largest music festival in Poland and the largest music festival in Europe. It first took place in 1995 on Lake Sirmanov now Arnovsky (present-day Pomeranian Voyotoship), and the next edition took place in Schkesin, in the area of ​​the flying club in Debi. Subsequent editions took place in 2003 (with the exception of “Digiki Prestanek Woodstock” in Lபோborg in 2000) in ,ary, and from 2004 to 2019 in Gostrின்s on the Otter.

In 2020, due to a corona virus infection, the festival adopted the online formula as “the most beautiful house in the world”.

The festival will conclude on Saturday night with their concert by Pyotr Boucardic.

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