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The police feared that a new violent uprising would break out in the American capital.  Very few protesters attended.

The police feared that a new violent uprising would break out in the American capital. Very few protesters attended.

The number of police personnel was greater than the number of protesters who appeared outside the Capitol on Saturday.

– If you’re scared? Absolutely!

The honest explosion came from a police officer in the American National Assembly in a to interview With The Washington Post on Thursday.

What he feared was that two days later the violent protesters would reappear in a repeat of the January 6 riots.

At that time, thousands of Trump supporters rallied in a violent attack on the Capitol. In the end, they managed to enter the National Assembly. They hoped to reverse the outcome after Donald Trump lost the presidential election. At least five people were killed.

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Saturday’s rally was scheduled to be a sign of support for more than 640 Accused of participating in the January 6 uprising. Police erected high fences around the conference building. The National Guard soldiers were ready to move.

But Saturday’s demonstration was not a repeat of what happened on January 6. According to the Associated Press, only a few hundred attended. Much less than the 700 regulator had hoped.

Other journalists on the site estimate that there were no more than a few dozen protesters in the area.

A small number of protesters showed up on Saturday to honor the rebels who stormed the conference building on January 6.

The number of police officers and journalists in any case was “much higher” than the number who were there to protest, according to the Associated Press.

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He thinks Trump won the election

The Look Ahead America group planned to demonstrate on Saturday. The conservative activist group was founded by two of those involved in Donald Trump’s presidential campaign.

Matt Brainard spoke to attendees in Washington, D.C., on Saturday. He is one of the organizers of the demonstration.

Many Trump supporters claim that the former president robbed him of an electoral victory in the November presidential election. Repeated attempts to win the court system were rejected as there was no evidence for these allegations.

Matt Brainard, one of the leaders behind Look Ahead America, described those punished in the January 6 riots as “political prisoners.”