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The politics of science – politics

One of the most prominent effects Corona virus disease, and not only in Brazil, a hitherto unknown type of . was created Science – static science, in which a group of scientists is absolutely certain that all existing human knowledge in the field of medicine, for example, has reached its peak and can no longer be expanded or modified. Could there not be a different approach to a medical issue, especially if it hasn’t presented itself before? no, not possible. Scientific truth, according to this view of the world, is exhausted by what Professor Pedro or researcher Paolo knows – or, more precisely, what they think is true, or what they like. Result: It is forbidden to discuss, according to established science, any statement, discovery, or hypothesis with which the principals of what is today the “scientifically correct” world have not agreed.

Another, less impatient way of describing all this, is to say right away that politics, in the Covid wave, has entered science with four. Nothing indicates this deviation like “CPI” to covidEvery day, the Senate Police underworld shouts out what is “good science” and what is “bad science”. The first is anything that serves your political interests. The second is the facts that they want to abolish. Everyone sees it: semi-literate people who can’t tell the time now, but have a senator card, question doctors and other good people as if they were a soldier in the prime minister in front of a tramp in a police station. The President of the Republic said it was a “toxic environment.” Federal Board of Medicine. That is, in its simplest form, “scientifically valid”.

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For people who are senator-level CPI, to do that, when you think about it for five seconds, it’s exactly what you might expect. What is less understood is the role of physicians, researchers, and scientists who practice “scientifically right” and become militants for some reason, whose enthusiasm, aggressiveness and suppression is growing, a role that can only be remedied in one way, which is that any different idea must be denounced as a threat to public health. They took the role of guards. In the most unfortunate aspect of their behavior, they want to punish colleagues who disagree with them, including criminal penalties.

Politics and ideology are already interfering more and more bitterly in the disciplines of environmental sciences, in human biology, in grammar – there is even talk of “black mathematics”. Why is medicine exempt from these distortions? But it is particularly worrying that political contamination is diminishing, with the Brazilian people, the credibility of medicine and doctors. Perhaps nothing proves this so clearly as an open fight over early coronavirus treatment – or trying to do something for a patient before their condition escalates to the point of needing an intensive care unit.

The Federal Board of Medicine clearly supports the right of physicians to give the treatment they deem most appropriate to those who seek help, within the framework of their personal and non-transferable relationship with their clients. It is in all diseases – why not in Covid? Denying the freedom of the physician, then, is to make the free practice of medicine illegal in Brazil. The Council of Foreign Ministers has a constitutional mandate to oversee the practice of medicine in the country; It’s not a bar where you can guess medicine. It doesn’t make sense, as it does in the CPI and in groups where Covid is being treated as a political issue, to throw your recommendations in the trash.

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