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The Portuguese has filed a lawsuit alleging the "offensive" use of her image in FIFA games

The Portuguese has filed a lawsuit alleging the “offensive” use of her image in FIFA games

Portuguese soccer player Diogo Santos has filed a lawsuit against the American company that develops and supplies FIFA electronic games, demanding compensation for the “inappropriate and offensive” use of his image.

Portugal demands nearly 54,000 euros

In the lawsuit brought before the Braga court that Lusa has access to today, Diogo Santos is seeking compensation in excess of 53,900, plus interest, for property and non-property damages.

It claims that Electronic Arts Inc. , based in California, USA, uses, without license, its name, image, and personal and professional characteristics in the video games it produces, called FIFA 2019 and FIFA MANAGER 2010., 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014.

He also says that he has “never given express permission, or even implied permission, to anyone”, to be included in those electronic games.

Diogo Santos is currently 37 years old, from Villa Franca de Xira and living in Fao, Espuzinde, having played for FC Villegeras last season.

He has already passed Acadico de Viseu, Santa Clara, Famalicao, Oliverense, Arauca and Gil Vicente, having also defended the colors of Brasov from Romania.

DIOGO SANTOS compares the case of MESSI

At the event, Diogo Santos said he had access to news that Electronic Arts is paying “a real fortune to some players, as is the case with Lionel Messi, who receives $50 million USD to appear in their games”.

“Author [Diogo Santos] He does not intend to receive what was paid to Lionel Messi, but such news proves that the required amount, taking into account the economic ability of the defendant. [empresa] What you pay some players is very modest, the lawsuit says.

The measure also confirms that the games have an annual release, which implies a payment of €6,000 per appearance per game, “which is rare even as it relates to a bonus for the annual use of the image of a first-class professional footballer in Portugal”.

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The lawsuit was filed in the Braga court, which in September 2021 deemed itself “unqualified internationally” for its estimation and judgment.

The footballer appealed to the Court of Appeal, which upheld the decision of the Court of First Instance, and then to the Supreme Court of Justice, which gave him a specific reason for the continuation of the process.

Under the May 24 decision, which Lusa consulted on Thursday, Syrians for Truth and Justice stated “they are internationally qualified to know the merits of a non-contractual civil liability lawsuit, for the infringement of personal rights through content that is broadcast around the world, and the state courts where it is located The center of interests of the injured person during the period in which the damage caused by that offense occurred.”

“Portuguese courts have international jurisdiction to rule on a procedure in which a professional footballer who has mostly practiced in Portugal seeks compensation for damages resulting from the unconsented use of his name and image in FIFA video games produced in the USA and spread around the world,” Adds supreme.

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