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The Portuguese save 161 euros per month on remote work - the labor market

The Portuguese save 161 euros per month on remote work – the labor market

The Portuguese were able to save about 161 euros per month on average if they worked from home, according to a study by Fixando on “The Future of Work in Portugal”, which was conducted among 6,500 users of its contracting platform for local services, between June 1 and 7.

With 70% of respondents guaranteeing that they can work remotely, Fixando asserts that “the savings made were quite significant, considering that the minimum wage in Portugal is around 665 euros, mainly due to travel to jobs and public reduction in costs”

According to the same study, although 60% of respondents no longer work remotely, “40% revealed that the procedure is more beneficial, explaining that they not only save financially every month, but are also able to spend more time with their families,” Vixando said. In a statement “Don’t waste too much time traveling.”

Regarding providers, covid-19 and vaccination, 92% of the professionals interviewed said they were uninfected, and those infected indicated transmission to family (46%), employment (26%) and friends (13%).

“Professionals who cannot work remotely are demanding vaccination as quickly as possible, as a priority group, and among the respondents, 75.2% would like to be vaccinated immediately, but 19% still do not know whether they want to be vaccinated or not, only 6% admit That they do not want it, “says the same company.

“From Fixando, what we can guarantee is that 82% of our 25,000 registered professionals are able to offer their services remotely,” says Alice Nunes, the platform’s new business director.

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