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The position in which you sleep says a lot about your health.

Sleeping on your side can cause pain in your legs and arms. (photo: FreePik)

There are different ways to lie down to sleep, some people prefer to sleep on their side, others prefer to sleep on their stomachs, and some people on their backs. However, did you know that it directly affects your health?

Most of our life time we spend sleeping and thinking about it, it is very important to think about the best sleeping position. Find the best position for your health.

The benefits of good sleep

Sleep is a very important factor for the body and mind, and sleep is essential, so a night of lack of sleep can have negative consequences, such as affecting your concentration, memory, determination, and physical and mental well-being.

But it’s not just bad rest that harms your health, the way you lie down can also have good and bad consequences, depending on your sleeping position.

The best sleeping position:

– On your stomach: Sleeping on your stomach is great. So, if you sleep in this position, know that it is a good position for your spine. The only downside is that it can make snoring worse for those who rest this way.

On the side: This is the position people use the most for sleeping. When you sleep on your side, you can end up feeling pain in your legs and arms, as you are always in the same position. Sleeping on the right side is bad for digestion and can cause heartburn. But it has not only disadvantages, sleeping on your side helps blood circulation and reduces snoring.

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On your stomach: This is a bad stomach position, and it also helps with neck pain. But it has the advantage of reducing snoring.

How does it affect health

CPAPS Physiotherapist said the following: “This position favors the elimination of excess proteins, vitamins, fats, and waste products that are very harmful to health. Sleeping on the left side also helps maintain stable blood volume and pressure, as well as improves the functioning of the immune system.”

Sleeping in the right position facilitates digestion. This means that by lying on your left side, food can pass through more easily, making it easier to digest. Thus, blood returns more easily from other parts of the body to the heart.