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The president fired two ministers the day after parliament was suspended

The president fired two ministers the day after parliament was suspended

There are a series of senior officials in Tunisia. On Monday, July 26, Tunisian President Kass Sasid announced in a brief statement the dismissal of his defense minister, Ibrahim Bardaki, and government spokeswoman Hasna bin Slimane. . Earlier, the Tunisian parliament had suspended its proceedings and the day after Prime Minister Hichem Messi was ousted, clashes erupted, plunging young democracy into a constitutional crisis.

On Sunday evening, after a day of protests in several cities across the country, President Qasr Saeed announced that he would “suspend” the proceedings of parliament for thirty days. He therefore removed the head of government from his post in the wake of fierce public anger against the government for managing the social and health crisis.

In front of parliament in Tunis, hundreds of supporters of President Saeed blocked access to their leader, the leader of the main parliamentary party Ennada, on Monday, led by chamberlain Rachel Connaught. Throwing bottles and stones happened on both sides. In a car parked in front of the closed door of the building for several hours, Mr. Gonzalez was prevented from entering by military forces, and Agence France-Presse was spotted on the spot.

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International Warnings

The president is responsible for the executive branch “With the help of a government, its head is appointed by the head of state.”, After an emergency meeting with security forces officers at the Carthage Palace.

Inspired by Islamism, Ennahda, Mr. Sachit’s actions were downplayed and condemned “A Conspiracy Against Revolution and the Constitution”, In a statement posted on Facebook on Sunday evening. Abroad, Ennada’s ally, Ankara, called for a resettlement “Democratic fairness”; And Berlin, in “Return to constitutional order soon”. Germany also called “Respect for civil liberties is one of the most important achievements of the Tunisian revolution.” Since 2011.

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On the other hand, the Tunisian Workers’ General Union (UGDT), the country’s most influential trade union center, saw the results as presidential. “Compatibility” When calling for the Constitution to continue the democratic process. That “Exceptions taken by the President under Article 80 of the Constitution” Purpose “In view of the Govt-19 epidemic, prevent the immediate danger and restore the normal functioning of the state”, Underlining the union in a press release. “It’s time” That the parties responsible for the situation “Degraded” In the country “Accept their responsibilities” Let it be “End of this era that set Tunisia on fire”, UGDT continues.

Power struggles

Mr. A six-month standoff between Ghannouchi and President Sachit has paralyzed the government and destabilized public officials, while Tunisia has been facing the peak epidemic of Govt-19 since early July. With nearly 18,000 deaths per 12 million people, the country has one of the worst official death rates.

At 3 a.m., Mr. He is a member of the Culp Towns Coalition, which is represented in the House of Representatives by Deputy Speaker of the Legislative Assembly Samira Chowdhury. “We want to enter Parliament! (…) We are the guardians of the Constitution ”MMe According to a video released by local media and a video shared on social media, the soldiers were stationed behind the closed door of parliament.

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“We are the defenders of the nation”, One of the players responded before adding that he was applying “Instructions”. “The Tunisian people will never accept dictatorial power no matter what your efforts, so do not continue in this game.”, And then Mr. Kannouchi replied.

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In addition to Ennada, his allies, the Gulf Towns and the Islamic nationalist movement Al Karama, Have condemned Saeed’s results. In the opposition, the Democratic current, the Social Democrats repeatedly supported the head of state, rejecting his takeover. Nevertheless, training implies its responsibility “People’s Tensions and the Social, Economic and Health Crisis and the Boundaries of the Ennahta-led Ruling Coalition”.

Mr. Following Saeed’s speech, Tunisians took to the streets on Sunday evening to protest the power struggles and the deteriorating social and health situation, throwing firecrackers and paying homage to their horns despite the curfew order. With enthusiasm in Tunis and many other cities.

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