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THE PRESIDENT: In Lille, Anne Hidalgo tried her "remount"

THE PRESIDENT: In Lille, Anne Hidalgo tried her “remount”

Suddenly, Bernard Cazeneuve sounded the alarm. Like Anne Hidalgo no longer an unbelieving savior, the former prime minister raised the socialist crowd. Some will say he burned the flame again. At the Grand Palace in Lille, about 1,600 militants and Rose Party supporters rallied for the (re) start of the candidate’s campaign, however, as bitter as the early Caseynev Belch, an early activist declaring his connection with socialism – “a socialist without a radical republic” – and Hidalgo “Anne Hidalgo is a woman of heart and I saw that she was a great woman.”

The balm in the heart, which Anne Hidalgo needed, was 4% closer than expected when it stagnated at the polls. In the van room, we saw the socialist family reunite or almost smile. The famous “French Socialist Mayors Group” is there, driving the faithful Johanna Roland, Matthew Klein, Natalie Apare and Montpellier City Councilman Michael Delafos.

“Support will only exist if it is complete and complete”

Anne Hidalgo did not come alone. We meet former socialist ministers Najat Valladu-Belgasem or Emmanuel Gass. Absent, Carol Delga is, at first, quickly forgotten in the talks. In a small film, we pay homage to a classic socialist past, from Franுவாois Mitterrand to Lionel Jospin, without forgetting Robert Bodinder or Christian Dubro. What about Franுவாois Hollande? A simple photo of the former president is entitled, added hastily to the perception, and very rare and frightening applause in the room.

Limited offer. 2 months to 1 month without commitment

“This October 23 will not be trivial,” explained Patrick Connor, leader of the Socialist Senators a few days ago. No more sensible countryside, no more socialist jealousy. In a seldom-felt message and without quoting it, Martin Aubrey threatens Franுவாois Hollande, who has been mounting criticism of the socialist candidate in recent days: “Support only if it is complete and complete.” In the history of socialism, Bernard Cazeneuve appealed: “We must not forget tradition and avoid inheriting it.”

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“I’ll go all the way!”

The socialist candidate did not come empty-handed. In front of the enthusiasts, he fired all the flames in an almost hour-long speech. He has come up with a plan that many will no longer wait for, not hesitating to talk about security – in the “neighborhood” and small towns – and he proposes to strengthen the presence of the Republican police officers he wants. Rebuild. “She holds the” Social Justice “” Totems “over and over again.” We will open the door to those who want the right to die with dignity, equal pay between women and men from the end of life. ” .

“I promise that a social programming law will be voted on in the summer of 2022 to achieve total wage equality in five years,” Anne Hidalgo promised in parliament every year, like the PLFSS, to “cancel the barcourse” or “the nation’s carbon budget” before committing to a climate TFR.

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On stage, Martin Aubrey promised: “Today Anne Hidalgo begins her campaign.” The truth is, this Saturday, October 23, in Lille, no one talked about “Plan B” to replace the candidate; Or complain about a sophomore campaign. Anne Hidalgo raises the galvanized tone: “I’m in front of you, I’m going to the end!” Tomorrow is another day and the upcoming vote will be decisive.

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