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The president says Taiwan will not bow to Chinese pressure

The president says Taiwan will not bow to Chinese pressure

23 million people in Taiwan live under the constant threat of Chinese invasion, which makes the region one of its provinces. The island is threatening to use Beijing forces if it declares its independence.

The more we achieve, the more pressure is put on us by ChinaMs. Sai said in Taiwan’s National Day speech.

No one can force Taiwan to take the path that China has illuminated for us“The president argued that the island”On the front line to defend democracy“.

Limited offer. 2 months to 1 month without commitment

(…“, He added.

Taiwan, which enjoys a democratic system, has been ruled by its own power since the Communists’ victory on the continent in 1949.

Tensions have been at their highest level in four decades since Chinese President Xi Jinping came to power.

All official ties with Taipei have been severed since Ms Sai’s election in 2016, and Beijing has intensified economic, diplomatic and military tensions in the region.

– “Quiet reunification“-

Recently, Chinese military planes have stepped up infiltration into the island’s air defense identification zone (ADIS).

About 150 Chinese military planes, including nuclear-capable H-6 bombers, entered Audi on October 1, just before China’s national holiday.

On Saturday, Shi vowed “Reuniting the homeland in peaceful ways“Saying that,”The public interest of China, including comrades in Taiwan“.

If he says he’s in favor, “Quiet reunification“These comments come after months of growing military threats, including airstrikes and major military maneuvers simulating an invasion.

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So far this year, more than 600 Chinese Air Force aircraft have been found in Addis, Taiwan. In 2020, 380 aircraft were discovered.

Addis is an aerospace company that wants to identify and locate a government aircraft for national security reasons.

Ms Sai is hated by Beijing because she sees Taiwan as a country. “Already independent“, And rejects the policy”A China“.

– Conversation “Equal Equal“-

However, it has done nothing to officially declare the island’s independent, in Beijing’s view. “Red line“Do not cross.

She negotiated with Beijing, which rejected them. The president reiterated on Sunday the call for dialogue.Equal toHe said he was in favor of maintaining the current situation with China and between the two neighbors.

However, he warned that anything that could happen to Taiwan would have major regional and global consequences.

Polls show that the majority of Taiwanese do not want to rule Beijing.

Despite the growing sense of Taiwanese nationalism, especially among young people, most want to maintain the status quo.

Beijing sees the growing grip on Hong Kong territory as a model for how China wants to rule Taiwan, not promising that the lifestyle of locals will not change under Communist rule.

As a Taiwanese, I do not think we can accept (reunification), look what happened in Hong KongHung Chen-Loon, who came with her two children to attend Sunday celebrations for National Day, told AFP.

Another observer, San Yoon Singh, realized that many Taiwanese felt helpless.

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Rejoining now is not appropriate. But we are not in a position to declare independence because the international community does not recognize us. It is useless“, Lamented.



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