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"The pressure on Messi was so great that he went to the bathroom and vomited"

“The pressure on Messi was so great that he went to the bathroom and vomited”

Ibrahim Afellay remembers his two years at Barcelona, ​​between 2010 and 2012, where he shared a dressing room with Lionel Messi. The Dutchman, who has since retired from football, recalls that these were difficult times, during which he was subjected to great pressure.

“I had some problems with the meals, I could not swallow the food before the matches. It was very difficult, but I forced myself to eat. It was a very difficult period for me,” Aflay said, noting the pressure he felt before entering the field in every match. .

Speaking of pressure, the Dutchman remembers well that he was not the only one. At that time Lionel Messi was vomiting a lot, as in fact still a lot in people’s minds, and the former player says it’s exactly the same: because of the excessive pressure that the Argentine felt.

“Of course I felt closely that the same was happening with Messi. The pressure was so great that many times, right before we went to the field, he would go to the bathroom and vomit. Other times we saw that he was vomiting even on the field, a short time before From the start of the match,” he said.

“This man has achieved everything that can be achieved in life. There will never be a player like him again in the background. So if this person, who has nothing to prove to anyone, is still under this pressure. It means something, I think. … »