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The price changes right after Christmas!  Find out how much…

The price changes right after Christmas! Find out how much…

2022 is sure to be marked by high and low fuel prices. Today, another Friday and again drivers are waiting to find out the fuel prices for the next week.

Next week, the “rise and fall” of values ​​returns. Find out how much petrol and diesel it will last.

Fuel: Gasoline will increase by 3 cents and diesel will decrease by 1 cent

On the day after Christmas filling a 60-liter tank of petrol will cost €1.8 more, with more petrol 3 cents per liter. a The price of diesel should fall by 1 cent per liter.

Prices for service stations adjacent to the hypermarket will follow the market trend, with "an increase of 0.0197 euros in petrol 95. On the other hand, diesel follows the opposite trend, with a decrease of 0.0094 euros."

Fuel: Price changes right after Christmas!  Find out how much...

According to the data of the General Directorate of Energy and Geology (DGEG), it is possible to analyze that there was an upward trend in diesel during the week by about 3 cents, but in petrol the changes during the week were inexpressive.

Data for December 22 also shows the average price of straight 95 petrol coming in at €1,581/litre and the average price of regular diesel coming in at €1,613 per litre.

These prices refer to data provided to the DGEG, according to External, by more than 2,400 gas stations and are an average that includes prices loaded with local discounts, customer cards and various promotions.