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The price difference between stores can be up to 50% for the same products – Marketeer

In the list of 12 personal hygiene products, which include shower gel, deodorant, shaver and toothpaste, among others, the minimum cost for this group of items was €115.93, 50.25% less than the highest value found for the same products. , from 233.02 euros. The total average price was 165.20 euros.

For the seven cleaning products analysed, the calculated minimum total price was €23.47, 30.71% lower than the maximum total price of €33.87, and 19.62% lower than the average followed cost of €29.20. The differences found in the disinfectant spray were even greater (€2.03 vs €5.42).

In the animal feed articles analyzed, the lowest price for cat packaging was 31.41€, 14.99% lower than the highest value found of 36.95€ and 5.79% lower than the average price of 33.34€. For dog food, the minimum price was €46.70, 15.08% less than the maximum price of €54.99, and €4.09 less than the average value of €48.10.

“Some stores have good price positions, while others have other factors that set them apart. Stores that specialize in certain products end up not being able to get competitive prices on other products, which is why it is important for the consumer to always pay close attention when shopping,” comments Paolo Pimenta, CEO of KuantoKusta, in a press release.

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