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Cristina Ferreira surpreende atores de ‘Festa é Festa’ em direto: “O programa mais visto todos os dias…”

“The program most watched every day…”

Serial “The party is the party” On Saturday 26 November, TVI celebrated its 500 episode show.

In order to celebrate this feat, Maria Cerqueira Gomez and Ruben Roa received the award ‘in the family’ plot actors.

In the end, Christina Ferreira appeared on a video with a special message: “Hi everyone, good evening. Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations. 500 episodes Did you see where we got this gig? And we, who when we first thought about it, never imagined it would be like this. It has been a journey full of joys, surprises and smiles.”🇧🇷

“It is your fault, you who have made this party a company for thousands and thousands of people (…) It is your credit, the person who wrote it, all those who, every day that passes, turn this party into the most watched program of all days” – I continued.

Christina Ferrera also highlighted: “In what people understand as sentimental and family TV (…) I continue to give you space so that you can create every day what’s really important in television (…) So congratulations. We’re about to become the longest-running TV series of all time on Portuguese TV screen, that’s work”🇧🇷

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