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The project creating the Science, Technology and Innovation Week is presented at ALE-RR

The project creating the Science, Technology and Innovation Week is presented at ALE-RR

The week will provide broad publicity to the activities developed and implemented at the state and national levels related to science, technology and innovation. – Photo: ASCOM Parliament

Primary and secondary schools in the state’s public and private education networks will be able to have a full week to develop activities related to science, technology and innovation, if the bill drafted by Representative Eder Laurino (PSD) is approved, which creates a Science and Technology Council and an Innovation Week directed to this audience and which is held annually. During the month of October.

The Week will broadly disseminate activities developed and implemented across the state and national landscape related to science, technology, and innovation (ST&I), and recommend appropriate pedagogical language for dissemination and understanding of the topics covered. During the month of October, in which this date is celebrated, schools are allowed to implement specific programs according to the proposed week.

According to the project, the programming to be developed should emphasize the social, economic and cultural importance of science, technology and innovation development for society, and can be implemented through extracurricular activities, developed and applied by faculty members and external agents specialized in the fields. As an incentive for participating students.

In his justification, the MP asserts that it is clear and indisputable that innovations, sciences and technologies are constantly evolving and are of great importance to the social and economic development of the nation.

He concluded his speech by saying: “We cannot think about growth and scientific and technological progress only from the perspective of the economic aspect, but also from the perspective of the well-being of society.”

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