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The proposed reduction in Zenless Zone Zero has fans angry

The proposed reduction in Zenless Zone Zero has fans angry

Zenless Zone Zero players will be upset by some of the cuts found during the PC beta. Among the criticisms, one attracted the most attention from fans: Nicole DeMara modified her physical “features”.

A post on social media compared previous gameplay with capture recorded during the most recent tests. According to user “Ont1026”, not only was the bust of the character changed, but the animation was also changed as there was a certain amount of sexualization evident.

Check out the post below:

In addition to these details, other online feedback suggests that Zenless Zone Zero would have suffered cuts in relation to other characters, such as Soldier 11 and Nekomata, with less skin showing. The censorship would also have included graphic violence, indicating less blood on screen.

Nicole’s bags weren’t the only thing censored
byu/WhateverLetMeIn512 inZZZ_Official

It is worth noting that the selected modifications are based on an incomplete version of the game. Therefore, more changes may be on the way, according to feedback from players who tried out the beta.

Zenless Zone Zero will be released for mobile devices, PC, and consoles. There is no specific release date yet.

Zenless Zone Zero will focus heavily on movement

Following the opposite trend of Genshin Impact and Honkai: Star Rail, Zenless Zone Zero will focus heavily on action. During BGS 2023, we had the opportunity to test the game and learn about some of its key new features. Click here and check out the preview!

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