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"The public wants to see good people..."

“The public wants to see good people…”

One week before the grand finale of this edition of Big Brother, the celebration on Sunday, May 29, identified Bruna Gomez and Francisco Macau as the first contenders to secure their presence in next week’s final.

After confessing with Bruna Gomez, Cristina Ferreira questioned studio commentators about the atmosphere in the house and both pointed out the fact that only “plants” compete.

Marta Gil highlighted Catarina Sequeira’s participation in the previous version of Big Brother and analyzed the fact that Pedro Guedes had teased his colleagues by mocking them for not giving an opinion: “I think we should stop thinking that giving an opinion is a negative thing and the biggest example of this is Bruna, who always gives her opinion in a constructive way and without hurting anyone. […] Do I like the people in the game who give their opinion? I think that’s the Olympic minimums to put in a show. If we put ten people who have no opinion in a house, the program will probably be over, but it is not very interesting‘, he began by saying.

Commenting on the way the public has voted in recent weeks, Marta Gill admitted: “Right now, I think the public is looking for and judging people, and the audience wants to see good people with the values ​​of honesty, trust, and sincerity, and that’s why we’re going to have these three finalists: Bruna, Macau and Guedes.“.

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