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The radio marathon for Joanna Márquez, Anna Galvão and Philippa Galrao is over

The radio marathon for Joanna Márquez, Anna Galvão and Philippa Galrao is over

yThis Friday, at 10 p.m., the “Três Por Todos” initiative, which led Joanna Márquez, Anna Galvão and Philippa Galrao to do a radio marathon, with 50 hours of live, live and without sleep, ended.

“Continuous Radio (24 hours / 24 hours) in a test of endurance, courage and selflessness by Tres da Manha who, with this initiative, wanted to draw the attention of society to the difficult situation that professionals in the culture and entertainment sector are going through from work due to the pandemic. It was There are three days of very strong passion, enthusiasm and surrender for a greater cause. The cause of audiovisual union,” adds the statement sent to newsrooms.

According to him, with this initiative “about 15,000 euros are raised”. They add, “However, the final amounts to be received by União Audiovisual will not be determined until the end of next week, when the bank account will be closed and auctions for the donated pieces will end.”

In these three non-stop days, “more than 100 guests, including singers, bands, actors and culture professionals” were broadcast on Radio Renascença in Rossio.

The process, in addition to broadcasting on the radio, also reached listeners in video broadcasts on the website and on social networks. In addition, the same note states, “Many listeners from all over the world left messages encouraging ‘tres da manha’, even during the night, when time passes more slowly.”

Behind the scenes of this broadcast was a production team that “worked day and night until everything happened and could reach all listeners in the best conditions within 50 hours of broadcasting.”

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“With Três Por Todos we have achieved two main goals: solidarity with one of the groups most affected economically by the epidemic – workers in the field of culture – and the proximity of the Renaissance to the public, in mobilizing for this goal,” said Pedro Leal, General Manager of Renaissance Production.

The statement also stressed that this initiative was carried out in accordance with the guidelines of the General Directorate of Food Security and that “all people who participated in the project have been tested.”

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