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The ransomware action may have stolen data from Apple and other giants

The ransomware action may have stolen data from Apple and other giants

A criminal group operating in attacks Ransomware It claims to have stolen blueprints and product information that has never been released by industry giants like an AppleAnd the DellAnd the LenovoAnd the CiscoAnd the Microsoft Among other things. The fraud could have been carried out on servers by Quanta Computer, a Taiwanese company that makes components, laptops, and other devices for these companies.

To demonstrate that the procedure is legitimate, the group shared technical diagrams of the laptop models that had yet to be identified. In addition, on Tuesday (20) they released statements about Apple products hours before the giant event. All information was correct.

The ransomware attack means that the team has hijacked the information that was in the Quanta Computer database. So the group is now charging Apple and other companies fees to keep the data secret. If not, information about the companies’ products is released daily.

Criminals claim to have technology Apple WatchMacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and ThinkPad Z60m. In fact, the quote from the Lenovo device raises some doubts about the data, since the model was launched in 2005. That is, it may be an outdated database.

The Record said it had spoken to people close to Quanta Computer who said the criminals had asked Apple for $ 50 million. The same amount would have also been requested for Acer.

In response to the site, Apple just said it is analyzing the situation and has no information to share at the moment.