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The rapid reaction of Paulo Sousa after the match against Spain.  "We can against everyone" Polish national team

The rapid reaction of Paulo Sousa after the match against Spain. “We can against everyone” Polish national team

After the match against Spain (1-1), you might think that Paulo Sousa will be happy with his players. But he began the press conference by analyzing what was missing before the break, saying what could be improved and what was lacking. – If we had been more efficient, we could have scored more goals … – The Portuguese, however, did not hide his satisfaction with the performance of the Poles. – Today the players showed what I want to see every day. Courage, ambition, the right attitude and self-confidence. If we can play like this against one of the best national teams in the world, we can play against everyone.

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Competition for everything with Spain. “I can’t even see a life mat”

Paulo Sousa spoke about the change of mood on Friday. He saw her on Saturday

– Mood is important – Persuaded the selector. – We push players to play with confidence and courage. We saw it mostly after the break. We are bringing a great result from Spain, which could have been better because we are not far off playing one of the best national teams in the world. We still have a long way to go and we will continue to develop, but we have the quality we need, ”said Palo Sousa.

The coach gave a lot of kind words to Robert Lewandowski who scored a goal and is one of the best matches for the national team in recent years. “His energy and determination are important,” he said. – Robert fought in all actions, won duels, jumped, shot … he was everywhere! One player who fights and is kicked on all sides strengthens the others. Obviously, goals are important to the striker. But he cannot be determined by victories alone, because he has been doing a tremendous job for the team. For me, he praised the best sniper-selector in the world, confirming that he decided the difference with the two attackers grê From your own mouth.

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– Our idea is to have players, thanks to whom the burden of the game can be shifted to half of our opponent – Sousa admitted, he also said a lot of kind words about the young Kokbar Kosovsky.

Spain was shocked by Poland. The words of death are fulfilled!

Poland is proud of its representatives. “We have taken a big step.”

– Cockpar, a young and inexperienced boy, came off the bench and gave a big change – he was delighted. – He encouraged his colleagues to squeeze. He helped us move the ball forward. He understood everything that was asked of him. At a crucial moment of the match he gave us a lot of quality and freshness – congratulating Sausage on being confident about everything before the match against Sweden.

– We are constantly growing. In the conflict with Spain, we took a big step! – Says the selector. – I found the right mood, ambition and confidence in the team and we played against one of the best national teams in the world! This made me proud because we have been working on it since the first game. My soldiers showed me what I wanted to see every day – Sausa got up in a rage.

Live mural

Start the emotions! Want to share your football feelings? Nothing is easier. Especially with regard to the Euro, we have prepared a live mural! Show us how you support the Polish team, we will select the best slogans from the slogans we have sent and put them on a live mural (you can find it in Warsaw at Warsaw 3) and the largest LED screen in Warsaw at Uni Lubelskiez Square.

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