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The real price of the PS5 is much more than 549 euros

The real price of the PS5 is much more than 549 euros

Anyone who has tried to buy or purchase a PlayStation 5 in the past year knows this situation all too well. As if the scarcity of a console wasn’t enough of a barrier to buying it, consumers still have to deal with predatory tactics from stores. Despite a recommended PVP of €549 or €449 (depending on whether or not the model has a disc player), it’s practically impossible to find a PS5 on sale at these prices right now.

What seemed like a temporary situation due to an ingredient crisis has become a norm. The stores’ tactic is simple: instead of selling the PS5 separately, as is usual, they make a bundle of one, two or three games, and in some cases, also with accessories such as an extra command. These packages, although sometimes the final value is lower if we add the price of everything included, force the consumer to spend more than they should.

Therefore, in practice, the real price of the PS5 is not 549 or 449 euros. The price of the console on the market is much higher. A quick search on a search engine shows that there are many stores with PS5 stock in Portugal, however, the selling price is close to double the recommended PVP, even without adding bonus items. Take, for example, the prices of the recent PS5 bundle with God of War Ragnarok, which should have cost €549.

What does DECO say?

Faced with this situation that has been going on for far too long, we decided to contact DECO, who put us in touch with their legal team to investigate the situation. According to DECO, stores have the right to set the price of the product and make different packaging after purchasing it from the supplier. That is, although the situation is unfavorable for the consumer, the stores do not go against the law.

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We also asked if the consumer had any authority or right that would allow them to require stores to sell them the PS5 alone, that is, without the games and/or accessories that increase the final price. The answer is, unfortunately, no. DECO told us that there is no legislation in Portugal that allows a consumer to demand that the PS5 (or any product) be sold separately.

What is the role of PlayStation?

PlayStation is a supplier of PS5 controllers for various surfaces. It’s the only id likely to have any power to stabilize the situation, but again, the shops aren’t doing anything illegal, according to Portuguese law. The “salvation” for the consumer is that the PlayStation Direct online store was available in Portugal. It is an official PlayStation Store and in foreign countries it is possible to buy PS5s at the normal price, avoiding the unpleasant methods of other stores.

What can consumers do?

We are facing a situation where consumers’ hands are almost tied. DECO said the only power the consumer has is not to buy from stores with these methods. The problem is, all stores do the same thing. Finding a PS5 for sale at recommended RRP is like finding the Holy Grail. However, if the stores are practicing these prices, it is because there are still people who buy the console at these prices, otherwise the prices would be on a downward trend (which is not the case).

The question remains for all of you who read this article and have bought a PS5: how much did you pay for your console?

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