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The reason that led to Jose Fidalgo's departure from TVI - Nacional has been revealed

The reason that led to Jose Fidalgo’s departure from TVI – Nacional has been revealed

José Figaldo no longer has an exclusive contract with SIC, as he had been for several years, and now he will be one of the faces of TVI, but even before he started working with TV in Queluz de Baixo, he found himself involved in another-minute change. hour.

TV Guia reveals that the 42-year-old actor, who recently underwent rhinoplasty, has been cast in the Argentine soap opera ‘Sres Papis’, but with a superior decision, he is no longer part of this project. . One of the other names that was to become a part was Paulo Perez but left due to scheduling reasons.

And why did Fidalgo leave this project? The answer is simple, explains TV Guia: The actor was directed to another series by Maria Joao Costa, where TVI bets hard. Those in charge of fantasy wanted a stronger crew, so they went looking for Jose Fidalgo.

Graciano Dias, Marco Delgado and Pedro Sousa were chosen for the original name of the TV series “Sres Papis”.

José Eduardo Muniz, General Manager of TVI, has already given the green light to authors Maria Joao Costa and Maria Joao Mira to move forward with their TV series, respectively. One of these authors will write a plot this year, and the other will write only the beginning of 2023.

TVI has managed to gain an audience with its TV series, namely with “Festa é Festa”, but it is trying everything to avoid another failure such as “Rua das Flores”.

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