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Joao Baiao was moved when he learned that he helped a woman who attempted suicide and was praised by Doctor Almeida Nunes - Nacional

The reason why Joao Baiao stayed out of SIC’s ‘Domingão’ and ‘Casa Feliz’ revealed – Nacional

Joao Baiao was not present at “Domingão” this Sunday nor did he appear at “Casa Feliz” at the start of the week.

And this absence was very noticeable by viewers who are used to seeing the charismatic actor and presenter on SIC.

But the explanation for this absence is easy to explain: Baiao is taking part in a new theater project, another of his passions, and he will be at rehearsals this week with the play opening Friday at Castelo Branco. He himself leaves the call on social media: “It is already this week that we premiere” Monólogos da Vacina “, on March 25th,” he explains, confirming that it has already been sold out. On the first and second day he will be in Gouveia with the play.

In “Casa Velez”, Diana Chavez justified the absence of Joao precisely by rehearsals: “The thing is missing here, Joazinho. I don’t know if he is watching at home or if he is already at rehearsals,” the guests noted the absence of their friend Bayao. “This week, the show starts on Friday, but it’s such a simple thing, it doesn’t do much at the same time,” Diana jokes. He concluded: “João, kisses, we all miss you already, but that’s it, focus on training, we want to go watch ‘Monólogos da Vacina'”.

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