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The reasons that prompted Ronaldo to avoid marrying Georgina!  At the age of seven, the relationship is shaken and the couple is left far from the altar – Mag

The reasons that prompted Ronaldo to avoid marrying Georgina! At the age of seven, the relationship is shaken and the couple is left far from the altar – Mag

It’s been seven years of great love, happy pictures, babies entering the world, and a love story that has left fans in awe. However, it came as a surprise to many that with a stable and long term relationship, Cristiano Ronaldo did not ask Georgina Rodriguez to marry him.

The topic comes up over and over again and Gio has played with this topic on his own reality show on Netflix. “I wish it were up to me,” he said, and then excused himself. “I think that [o casamento] I wouldn’t change things too much, because I feel so loved. I have the most important thing with Cristiano. Our wonderful kids and the love he gives me every single day. My friends always joke about marriage, but it’s not up to me.”make it known.

But there are those who say that the reality is not quite like that and that Georgina dreams of a marriage proposal that takes a long time. Asked on the subject, CR7 has been downgraded and confirmed that the right moment had not yet appeared. ‘I always say,'[O pedido é] when there is a click.’ Like many things in our lives, she knows what I mean. It could be a year from now, or six months from now, or a month from now.”He explained, but the justification was not convincing.

And if there are many factors that prompted Cristiano Ronaldo to postpone the request, the main one will be, according to some sources associated with the athlete, all the implications of this matter for one of the multi-million assets that the star manages. Iron hands. This does not mean that the player does not trust Georgina, but the fact is that the marriage will have many consequences and legal points that must be discussed with lawyers and it is not yet the right time to decipher these and other matters.

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Marriage is beyond that

And if there were times when it was said that a wedding might be close to happening, this wouldn’t be the moment. That’s just, for the first time, after seven years of dating, the couple is going through a crisis that they are trying to overcome.

Christian Ronaldo, Georgina Rodriguez, Victory

Photo: Victory

Cristiano Ronaldo, Georgina Rodriguez, Victory

Photo: SSC

Cristiano Ronaldo, Georgina Rodriguez, Victory

Photo: SSC

Cristiano Ronaldo, Victory, Georgina Rodriguez

Photo: Victory/YouTube

Cristiano Ronaldo, Georgina Rodriguez, Victory

Photo: Victory

Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez

Photo: SSC

Rumors that something was wrong with the relationship started with the news that Ronaldo would not have found Geo’s boasting of wealth on his reality show funny, a fact that could have caught her attention. Added to this were other speculations, which caused a screaming scene between the two before boarding their private plane.

What is certain is that it cannot be denied that the playmaker and the Spaniard are further away than ever. In recent weeks, the supermodel has made la finca palace her home, while Ronaldo has remained in Saudi Arabia, where he feels increasingly sad and depressed.

Nobody frees you from controversy

If the entire context that CR7 goes through is already difficult, with the challenge of victory and the lack of motivation in the face of a tournament that is not very competitive for its standards, it seems that no one is making life easier for Cristiano Ronaldo.

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This time, it’s the player’s brother, Hugo dos Santos Aveiro, who appears in the news for the worst of reasons. He is preparing for trial in Italy for selling 13,000 fake Juventus shirts with Ronaldo’s name on them. The process, which began in 2019, will hold its first hearing in July, which will re-launch the controversy.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Hugo Aveiro
Photo: Flash

At the same time, having lost his eternal friend and football godfather Jorge Mendes, CR7 seems to be suffering from a lack of “wise advice” from the super-agent, with no network of contacts with new coach Ricardo Regoff. Football experience for an old friend.

A painful year for Ronaldo, who is experiencing difficulties on all levels: in his career, in love and in personal relationships.