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The Reds knocked down the Promps in a superb game

It played 4th. Super Rugby Australia Date And in Canberra The Reds had a big win against the Promps In a match where emotions overwhelmed and 9 attempts rained down. In this way, the Queenslanders crush the defeat of the locals in the tournament and maintain 3 wins in the same number of matches.

Friday in Perth, local Western Force won the tough game against the Rebels 10-7 It is characterized by equality and small ones where the marker is moved. In Local owners Thomas Cubelli and Santiago Metrono and Thomas Lesana joined the filling, Excellent performance in the minutes he has to play. For his part in The rebels played Lucio Sordoni in the second half. Rose Halet-Betty was sent to the Argentina third-row for a dangerous tackle.

Prambies 38-40 Reds (Saturday)
In a match with an amazing result and an uncertain winner, S.R. The Reds were able to get a big win against its execution in the Australia 2020 final. One had it, the other turned it on, there was no lack of emotion and efforts were underway under the high. In the 78th minute, Sullivan Univalu, Daniela Tubu, Harry Wilson and Jordan Pettaya noticed successful attempts, which were replaced by James O’Connor 4 changes and the same number of penalties. They reached Ingole for the locals. Pete Samu (2) Fallow Binga (2) and Isaac Penalty.

Western Force 7-10 Rebellions (Virenes)
He didn’t have much emotion in the first half because there was only one attempt from the spectators as they dominated the game, by Lacchi Anderson, emphasizing the perspectives and taking the ball up. Marika Coriopte beat Joe Powell after a good cut. The hosts, who made headlines with Tomas Cubelli and Santiago Metrano and 23rd place for Tomas Lesana, began to dream of victory by beating Jack McGregor for a dangerous deal for Lesana and the transformation of Ian Briar. From the 23rd minute of the second half the rebels, counting on Lucio Sordoni, resisted and Rosario brought out his badge in a fight at Epilogue and received a penalty, which took all the warmth from his teammates. The spectators took a break, recovered the ball and were able to win the game.

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