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The Reds showed no mercy to the rebels

Issued by Seventh day of Australian Super Rugby, Prompees nodded to the scorers 26-24 He is still one of the clearest candidates fighting for the title. Saturday ended with a win Reds In view Insurgents.

Rebels 19-44 Reds (Zepado)

The Reds had a victory without major problems in the 44-19 visit to the rebels. Transformed attempts for the red team include Daniela Tubu, twice, Hunter Paisami, Fraser McGrath, Jack Campbell and Joshua Fluke. While on campus, Frank Lomani, Reese Hodge and Michael Wells were able to score. Of the same number of games, the Reds are the only team to have lost six of the six games they have won.


Vardos raised his head and fell again, this time 24-22 against the Prometheus. The goalscorers for Canberra are Tom Banks, Tom Wright, Andy Muerhead and Fallow Finga. As for Sydney, it’s Harry Johnson-Holmes, Will Harrison and James Ram. Vardos had a chance to equalize in the final game, but Starter Harrison missed the change and declared his team’s sixth defeat.

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