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The referee's boos reach Benfica

The referee’s boos reach Benfica

Benfica fans criticized Joao Pinheiro’s behaviour, but did not like the players’ focus on the referee to justify the failure.

Benfica fans demonstrated against Joao Pinheiro’s referee, but continued to challenge the players. And in between, he embodied a lot of anger from those in charge. It was a throw-in that irritated the bank. Pizzi yelled at the assistant referee and fourth official, Ricardo Bixinho, and attacked Estoril until he won a corner kick that would have caused the equaliser.

As soon as the ball got in, the red guys in charge jumped toward my shorts, complaining at the top of their lungs for the shot. It was Luisao, the technical director, and his deputy, Joao de Dios, who lasted the longest in protest, but the general manager, Rui Pedro Braz, was the one who made the most gestures. Joao Pinheiro ended up coming to the red bench to punish Prause and Jesus, angrily, until he grew up to the judge, screaming right next to his face. Minervino Petra was forced to calm the reincarnated bench captain, and Pinheiro, who had already given a warning to Jesus minutes earlier, ended up not punishing anyone else for the reincarnated bench.