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The referees for Round 26 of the Betclic League – Refereeing are now known

The referees for Round 26 of the Betclic League – Refereeing are now known

The FPF Jury Board announced on Wednesday the nominations for the next round

• Photo: Ricardo Nascimento

The Arbitration Council (CA) of the Portuguese Football Federation (FPF) announced, on Wednesday, the dates for the 26th round of the Pitklic League. Referee Joao Gonçalves was chosen to lead FC Porto Vizela on March 16 (Saturday), with Joao Besa Silva and Angelo Carneiro as his assistants and Marco Cruz in the role of fourth official. Luis Ferreira and Hugo Santos will be VAR and AVAR respectively.

The next day, Sunday (March 17), Claudio Pereira was chosen to officiate the match between Casa Pia and Benfica, which will feature Iñacio Pereira and Luis Costa as assistants and Gonzalo Neves as fourth official. In this match, Manuel Motta and Jorge Fernandez will perform the roles of VAR and AVAR respectively.

Also on Sunday, Antonio Nobre will officiate Sporting Boavista, in a match that will feature Paulo Bras and Nelson Pereira as assistants and Anzone Rodriguez as fourth official, while Luis Godinho and Pedro Motta will act as VAR and AVAR, respectively.

All nominations for Round 26 of the Betclic League

Referee: Joao Pinheiro
Assistants: Bruno Jesus and Luciano Maia
Fourth referee: Diogo Rosa
Video Assistant Referee: Hugo Miguel
Avar: Gonzalo Freire

Famalicão-E. Hobby
Referee: Nuno Almeida
Assistants: Pedro Felisberto and Hugo Ribeiro
Fourth official: Sergio Guillou
Video Assistant Referee: Helder Carvalho
Avar: Jose Mira

SP Braga Gil Vicente
Referee: Iancu Vasilica
Assistants: Carlos Martinez and Sergio Jesus
Fourth official: Diogo Mesquita
Video Assistant Referee: Andre Narciso
Avars: Vasco Márquez

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Varence-Rio Ave
Referee: Miguel Nogueira
Assistants: Francisco Pereira and Nuno Perez
Fourth referee: Halim Shirzad
Video Assistant Referee: Bruno Vieira
Avar: Roy Cidade

Porto Vizela Club
Referee: Joao Gonçalves
Assistants: Joao Besa Silva and Angelo Carneiro
Fourth official: Marco Cruz
Video Assistant Referee: Luis Ferreira
Avar: Hugo Santos

Referee: Artur Soares Dias
Assistants: Paulo Soares and Pedro Ribeiro
Fourth referee: Miguel Fonseca
Video Assistant Referee: Bruno Esteves
Avar: Bruno Jesus

V-keys. Guimarães
Referee: Gustavo Correa
Assistants: Inacio Pereira and Luis Costa
Fourth official: Gonzalo Neves
Video Assistant Referee: Manuel Motta
Avar: Jorge Fernandez

Home of Villa Benfica
Referee: Claudio Pereira
Assistants: Thiago Costa and Andre Almeida
Fourth official: Marcio Torres
Video Assistant Referee: Rui Oliveira
Avar: Carlos Campos

Sporting Boavista
Referee: Antonio Nobre
Assistants: Paulo Bras and Nelson Pereira
the fourth. Referee: Anzoni Rodriguez
Video Assistant Referee: Luis Godinho
Avar: Pedro Mota

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