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The refugee crisis is approaching breaking point - VG

The refugee crisis is approaching breaking point – VG

Cry of warning: Polish cities are now declaring that they won’t soon be able to. Here, Ukrainian refugees are on their way to Berlin from Krakow, Poland.

We are witnessing the largest refugee crisis in Europe since World War II. While neighboring countries have opened their doors wide to millions of Ukrainians – others are keeping it open.


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Does not help in the long run, if protracted Ukraine war.

In just under three weeks, nearly three million people have fled the country. How many have fled inside Ukraine, no one can say for sure.

We’ve never seen such a number and pace in Europe.

The longer the war drags on, the greater the influx of refugees. It is crucial that the continent take full responsibility for the fleeing Ukrainians.

Some are doing their best, like Poland. Some hesitate and train, such as the UK.

Poland withdraws the burden

As of March 13, Poland received sixty percent of all Ukrainian refugees – i.e. 1.8 million people. And the number increases daily by tens of thousands, mostly women and children.

The situation is precarious, and Poland bears most of the burden. so far. Because Poland also has a breaking point. A limit on how many a country can take care of, stability and integration. Be it short or long term.

and now It’s close to breaking point.

The large cities of Warsaw and Krakow, where most of the refugees ended up, reported struggling. Most of the help came from individuals and volunteers who provided food, clothing and shelter. Now soon no beds and rooms available to find.

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In addition, there are more and more reports about Racism against black people who fled across the border from Ukraine to Poland.

The country does not have a public apparatus capable of managing the influx of refugees over time. The range is simply unparalleled.

Volunteer work: Refugees are accommodated wherever there is a place. Here, temporary accommodation has been set up in a historic train station in Krakow, Poland. The photo was taken on March 14.

Fantastic range

Before the war began, Poland was ranked 92nd among the countries that took in the largest number of refugees in the world, according to figures from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

In less than three weeks, Poland became the country that received the second largest number of refugees in the world. It was hit by Turkey alone (3.7 million refugees).

Countries such as Colombia, Uganda and Pakistan now come after Poland as a recipient country (see table).

All the countries on the list are neighboring countries that have serious conflicts in the neighboring regions. The Syrian war, the crisis in Venezuela, and the violent conflicts in South Sudan, Congo and Afghanistan. And now the war in Ukraine.

Norway bears the responsibility

The refugees who have so far traveled from Poland and other countries have had relatives and acquaintances in these countries. So it was only natural that they find security on their own.

This will change. The more pressure is put on the situation in Poland, the more people are fleeing. After that there will likely be a European agreement on the distribution of refugees. Among other things for Norway.

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So far, we have received 1,000 asylum seekers from Ukraine. Perhaps the number is higher, as more have reached their relatives and friends and they have not been able to register as asylum seekers.

UDI estimates it may come 30,000 refugees From Ukraine this year.

And Norway takes responsibility – by making it easier for Ukrainians who seek asylum with us.

It will make it easy

Like the European Union, Norway advances temporary collective protection for citizens of Ukraine.

We did the same in the 1990s, during the Bosnian and Kosovo wars. 14,000 applied for asylum and stayed Living in Norway.

Collective protection does not mean addressing individual issues. And for Norway, this means residing for a year, with permission to work and bring the closest family to Norway. The scheme is canceled if protection is no longer needed.

In other words, the transition must take place quickly from the time the refugees arrive in the country so that they can live as normally as possible.

Then they need a place to live – the government creates 8000 reception places, and there will be more. It also allows Ukrainians to live in private homes and get some money for subsistence.

Before the Ukraine war, all asylum seekers in Norway had to register at the National Arrival Center in Råde. As of this week, Ukrainians can Registration in many police stations in the country.

Neighboring countries: In addition to Poland, Romania, Moldova and Hungary now receive hundreds of thousands of refugees. This photo of a Ukrainian asylum seeker was taken at the train station in Bucharest on March 13.

The British fail

Currently, Norway fully agrees that Ukrainians should be allowed to come to Norway. It is important when we now know that there will be an influx of asylum seekers. We do not know when and how great the force will be. and whether the measures that have been implemented are sufficient.

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What is not enough is Britain’s efforts. The Europeans decided early on to give the Ukrainians collective protection. Ask the British to put up the fences. and they have Operation trail.

Led by Home Secretary Priti Patel himself daughter of immigrants from Uganda.

a country that is no longer part of the European Union, Visa required to allow Ukrainians to enter. Refugees are also required to have a host family/sponsor, or family members in the UK To be able to apply for asylum.

‘dishonest’, ‘heartless’, ‘false’ and ‘inadequate’ Words that have been used by internal critics of the British government’s handling of the crisis.

It wasn’t until March 10 when Patel made changes to the visa process. Visas are still required, but the application can be submitted online, and then physically appear at one of the five visa centers in Europe.

moral duty

closer 38000 With Ukrainian background living in UK. Only they could, in theory, provide shelter for tens of thousands of fleeing Ukrainian women and children.

The British should simplify the asylum procedure. Preferably remove visa and host family requirements. Otherwise, they will be ashamed when this story is written.

The war is taking place in all its brutality on the Ukrainian lands. But no European is unaffected by the actions of war.

Our common mission is to take care of Ukrainian refugees. Neighboring countries should be relieved. This can be intense, lengthy, and costly.

But it is our moral duty to stand up. here and now. Whether we are Norway or Great Britain.