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The region will receive 5.4 thousand doses to vaccinate adolescents and boost the immunity of the elderly - GAZ - News from Santa Cruz do Sul and the region

The region will receive 5.4 thousand doses to vaccinate adolescents and boost the immunity of the elderly – GAZ – News from Santa Cruz do Sul and the region

The Department of Health (SES) will distribute 390,000 doses of the vaccine against Covid-19 to 18 Regional Health Coordinators (CRS) on Wednesday 15. Older people over 70 years of age who are immunocompromised and for municipalities not yet 18 years of age from The general population. From Coronavac, there are 94 thousand for the second application for those who need to complete a vaccination schedule.

The 13th CRS will receive 5,472 vaccines from Pfizer, to be applied to adolescents, the elderly, and those with compromised immunity. In addition, it will also receive 4,464 doses from the same laboratory, which will target populations aged 18 or over who have not yet been vaccinated. For this purpose, in particular, Herveiras, Pantano Grande, Sinimbu and Vale do Sol will not receive vaccinations. In all, there will be 9,936 Pfizer vaccines for the region.

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Regarding vaccines for second applications, through Coronavac, the thirteenth vaccine will be entitled to 2,140. The Municipality of Pantano Grande, however, will not receive.


Vaccines will be distributed to about 50% of the 17-year-old population across the state, about 76,000 doses. “We will distribute vaccine doses to a portion of healthy 17-year-old adolescents, but remember that the elderly and immunosuppressed groups are the most vulnerable to complications of the disease. We cannot open vaccination to adolescents and not focus on enhancing the immunity of these groups,” said Assistant Minister of Health, Ana Costa. It is essential that adolescents and the most vulnerable are vaccinated simultaneously.

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About 75,000 doses will be distributed to boost the immunization of people aged 70 or over. In order for older adults to receive the booster dose, they must have completed a vaccination schedule of at least six months.


For people with cancer, chronic kidney disease, organ transplants, and other chronic diseases that lower immunity, the amount distributed will be about 50,000 doses. Eligible to receive are those who have completed the vaccination schedule for at least 28 days.

Check the amount to be distributed to each municipality:

  • Municipal / Reinforcement + Teenage / Adult Population / D2 Coronavac
  • Candlestick / 414/618/230
  • Xavier Leon / 48/24/20
  • Herves / 30/0/20
  • Matto Litau / 78/18/30
  • big swamp/198/0/0
  • Paso do Sobrado / 102/90/40
  • Rio Pardo / 720/594/240
  • Santa Cruz do Sol / 2214/1206/760
  • Sinimbu / 84/0/50
  • Valle do Sol / 162/0/70
  • Green Ticket / 42/42/20
  • Financio Ayres / 1056/1386/470
  • Vera Cruz/324/486/190

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