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The researcher asks, "Who knows them?"  On the presence of black women in science in Rondônia |  Rondonia

The researcher asks, “Who knows them?” On the presence of black women in science in Rondônia | Rondonia

Between November 15 and 19, a series of interviews and discussions will take place during the Rede Amazônica program and on the CBN Amazônia Porto Velho radio station, in order to discuss the presence of blacks in different regions and activities in Rondônia.

On Monday (15), Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Viocruz) researcher Naglaa Benevides Matos, Postdoctoral and Doctorate in Education Rosângela Aparecida Hilario, was invited to discuss the topic The presence of black professionals in the sciences.

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In an interview with CBN Amazônia, Naglaa Benifides highlighted that many black scholars made history, but are not remembered.

She said, “We have so many wonderful black women scientists, who have made and made history, but who knows them?”

Rosângela Hilario noted that often the entry of blacks into scientific places, such as universities, occurs individually, as many do not have the opportunity to enter these places.

“You’re always lonely in the spaces. I was the only one in my language course, I was the only black student at USP, and I’m the only black woman in my department, so the agendas you’re championing, you’re the only ones defending,” she said. In an interview with Rede Amazônica.

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