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“The reunion with Conceicao will be special, but the focus is on Boavista.”

“The reunion with Conceicao will be special, but the focus is on Boavista.”

Leopards coach, Ricardo Paiva, discussed the possibility of a reunion with the Porto coach, with whom he worked at several clubs.

In anticipation of the Invicta derby, which will bring together Boavista and Porto on Friday, Ricardo Paiva has touched on several topics, including a reunion with Sergio Conceicao. Remember, the two coaches have worked together at clubs such as Olhanense, Academica, Vitoria de Guimarães and SC Braga.

– How will the meeting be with Sergio Conceicao, the coach who marked the beginning of your career?

“There will be a special part, but the focus will always be on Boavista, on our team, on our dynamics, on what we can do throughout the match to counter Porto’s gains. During this week of work, my willingness to think about this and not the question of reunification has been with the due respect that Sergio deserves from me.

– What position will Boavista take towards the title candidate, at a time when he has not achieved a win in 10 title matches? Operate?

“I expect a very competitive team, looking for the line of work that has guided them this week. Always with the aim of being able to respond decisively to different moments in the match.

– What positive points did you benefit from the last match against Gil Vicente?

“There are always positive and negative points to be extracted from every match. It was a match that had some incidents that affected us. We had very positive moments, within what was planned for the match, and there were moments when we were less assertive. We were able to analyze it and had the opportunity to correct it. “It has been a productive week in this sense, on a journey that is still just beginning.”

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– In Barcelos there were two important casualties in midfield: Cepa Perez and Macota, who have now returned. On the other hand, they were without Salvador Agra for the next few weeks. They will also not be able to rely on Chidozi and Bruno Onyemaechi. Does the defense sector promise to create additional problems for you?

“As coaches, our mission is to be able to find solutions within the team, and we are not an exception to the rule. We'll have to get creative, and do our best to find an equally competitive solution. We will definitely present a defensive line defined by what we want, safe and able to react accordingly, depending on the opponent who will create different problems for us.

– Can the absence of Taremi, Zidou and Alan Varela at FC Porto benefit Boavista?

– “I don't think so. A team like Porto, with its wide squad, has solutions capable of making up for absences, and maintaining the quality of the game. Obviously players like Taremi and Zaidu bring different nuances that can lead to different behaviors in one situation or another, but the quality And the regularity of performance is not in doubt. Whoever plays in the positions will certainly have the same record, given some nuances at the individual level.

– Is it important for the group to preserve the collective memory of the victory at the beginning of the tournament against Benfica (3-2)?

– “We did not take these moments as a means to motivate the team to work. The issue of focus and preparation was always the slogan, but the players have good memories. These moments will come to their minds, and will work to eliminate hypothetical doubts. If they can do this, they will be able to do it again. The context is different, but the quality is there and the work has been developed to give them the will and confidence to carry out their tasks on the field.

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