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The revealing new image captured by NASA’s Hubble Telescope in space; Check the record – Metro World News Brasil

A new image from NASA’s Hubble Telescope shows globular star cluster NGC 2419. The file was recently released by the Foundation.

As detailed by NASA in a statement, globular clusters are beautiful and fascinating. They are globular clusters of stars orbiting the center of a galaxy, and in the case of NGC 2419, that galaxy is our own Milky Way.

NGC 2419 lies about 300,000 light-years away from the Solar System in the constellation of the Lynx.

The stars that populate globular clusters are very similar because they formed around the same time. Astronomers can determine a star’s relative age by its chemical composition, a property called metallica.

As detailed by NASA, because the stars in a globular cluster all form at the same time, they tend to exhibit similar properties.

Astronomers believe that this similarity includes the stellar helium content. They thought that all stars in the globular cluster would contain similar amounts of helium.

However, Hubble observations of NGC 2419 revealed that this is not always the case. This globular cluster contains two separate clusters of red giant stars, and one is unusually rich in helium.

NGC 2419’s stars contain other elements that also vary. In particular, their nitrogen content varies.

To make things even more interesting, helium-rich stars are mostly in the globular cluster center and spin.

Also according to the information, Hubble observations have raised important questions about the formation of globular clusters, which will soon be answered.

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