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The richest family in the United Kingdom is accused of exploitation and human trafficking

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The Hinduja family, known to be the richest in the UK, is accused of exploitation and human trafficking. The family is also accused of “spending more money” on their pets than on their employees. People from India were forced to work around 18 hours a day, without any kind of freedom. The case is being tried in Switzerland, where human trafficking is considered one of the most serious crimes.

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The richest family in the UK, Prakash and Kamal Hinduja, their son Ajay and his wife Namrata, are accused and tried on charges of exploitation and human trafficking. The abuse allegedly occurred against family employees working at their home in Geneva, Switzerland.

various employees, from Indiathey had to work almost 18 hours a day and their freedoms were limited and controlled.According to the BBCThese people would have seen their passports confiscated by members of the Hinduja family, and would have received no more than eight to nine euros a day.

The case is being made He was tried before a court in Switzerland. The family was also charged Spend more money on pets than on employees. Within a year, members of the UK's richest family will have spent their money About 10 thousand euros with a dog. These values ​​were compared with the values ​​paid to employees.

However, some Former employees testified on behalf of Hinduja stating that this was a “A friendly family that treats their employees with dignity.”

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