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The ROG Ally

The ROG Ally

Asus has raised the bar with the new version of its portable gaming console, the ROG Ally A year after the launch of the first edition, and a direct entry into the portable console segment that was once dominated by Steam Deck and Nintendo Switch, the Asus Republic of Gamers now has more arguments to compete in an increasingly competitive market, where Lenovo is also… It has already entered with Legion Go and MSI is also betting with Clar, which was presented at CES 2024.

In the new version, ROG Ally, but also a new interface, Armory Crate SE 1.5, with a new customizable game library and unified system updates. The idea is that the console allows you to play all the games in an easier and more integrated way.

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The basic idea of ​​the first edition of ROG Ally has not changed The console continues to run Windows 11 and the same AMD Ryzen Z1 Extreme processor, as well as a 7-inch display with 500 nits of brightness. But Asus ensures that with more storage, with a 1TB SSD, and more RAM (24GB total) performance is improved. The motherboard has been redesigned to let you more easily upgrade storage for more capacity and keep your favorite games installed, and the AMD Ryzen Z1 Extreme processor shares video RAM with the device's system RAM, a feature in new games.

The battery also has more autonomy, with a capacity of 80 Wh, twice the capacity of the previous model.

Watch the video of the new console

The year of experience in the market allowed Asus to make some improvements, and in presenting the new version, the company confirmed that it had listened to some recommendations and complaints from users to make changes to the design and interface.

SAPO TEK has already made its first contact with the console, which is a little heavier than the previous model, but comfortable to use.

The controller now has deeper grips, for more control, and a more rounded shape that provides more comfort, but without adding too much to the thickness of the ROG Ally The macro on the back is smaller. In total, the controller weighs 678 grams.

ROG Ally X

Credits: Asus

” data-title=”ROG Ally ROG Ally X

Credits: Asus

The Armory Crate SE 1.5 interface provides access to a new customizable game library, with games listed in a grid or arranged in favorites tabs, and consolidated system updates, with Asus offering 3 months of Game Pass.

Asus has also spared no effort to ensure thermal improvements, which is especially important for those who game for longer periods of time, and new fans benefit from a third slot that pushes up to 24% more air, keeping the panel cooler by up to 6°C to the touch. , according to the company.

Watch the video of ROG Ally X's new cooling capacity

ROG Ally X hits markets in the US and Taiwan on July 21 and 22, respectively. There is no date yet for Portugal but it is already known that the price is 899.99 euros.

Editor's Note: SAPO TEK traveled to Computex at the invitation of Asus