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The Role of the Flag – Sencia Viva – Francisco Soares Filho

We have seen in recent months how important the role of science and its scientific champions is. The topic has reached the majority, especially because of the dependence we have on this part of professional life, which showed even the most ignorant and elated that science was a turning point after SARS-CoV2 began its path of mass contamination in the populations of rich and poor countries.

The main leap came with the development in record time of immunizing agents – the famous vaccines, all of which have a good degree of protection for users, which are produced in various ways with the potential to significantly reduce the effects of what is already the biggest catastrophe in public health of global proportions. Even innovative development methods have been used such as Pfizer’s RNA vaccine, an entirely new method that has been shown to be highly effective in immunizing patients.

The biggest problem I can see, with regard to the role of science, has been the attitudes of rejection that have been adopted in some countries, including ours, and with the endorsement of important authorities that they should, from the apex of their important leadership, but from their impotence. To understand certain things, at least keep silent. It would be desirable to have rulers at the level of knowledge of Angela Merkel, who holds a doctorate in quantum chemistry from the University of Leipzig and occupies for the fourth time the position of chancellor of one of the most advanced countries on the planet, which is Germany. What I’m asking about is not the ruler’s background, but his ability to listen to people who have some knowledge of the world.

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We are at all times witnessing the theater of stupidity. The Federal Government, after sponsoring the insane purchase of medicines without any effect against disease; Then, at the expense of many pressures, to start negotiations to buy vaccines, and to delay the vaccination process across the country, he is now ordering the Ministry of Health to suspend one of the few items that have been shown to be effective against the spread of the vaccine. This virus is the mask. There is no way to understand the limits of all this nonsense.

Science has shown that it is more than necessary for our situation with regard to this and other diseases that will emerge in the future. Although we don’t realize that we need to protect the environment, we won’t have guarantees that other situations like this can still be experienced in this generation we are in.

We need discrimination to make our choices. Wrong choices can help fuel chaos. We have harsh examples of this reality.

Good week everyone.