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The RTP-frica axis says Portugal is "structural racist".  The interviewer does not agree.

The RTP-frica axis says Portugal is “structural racist”. The interviewer does not agree.

The words of David Dias, RTP Africa pivot channel, are echoing across social media, and not for the best of reasons. In an interview last Thursday about the program conversations to the south Former Lisbon City Council candidate Osanda Lieber, the interviewer refers to Portugal as a “structural racist” country, something the French Angolans who have lived in Portugal for 17 years disagreed with.

“She has a very special experience of living here, as an African woman living in Portugal, a structurally racist country. And she believes that this experience can…”, a phrase that never ended, since the former candidate by the Somos Todos Lisboa movement boycotted the Axis. “Good, [Portugal] Is it racist? “

“But do you think so?” answered David Dias, who was asked by the Angolan.

At this point, Osanda made his opinion clear: “Look, I don’t think so. I think there are racist people, disconnected people, who don’t accept evolution and history. There are people who don’t like fat people, short people. There is discrimination and intolerance in everything.”

The guest posted on her social network “Twitter” an excerpt from the report, saying that she always had “the answer on her tongue.”