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If there is any doubt, the Russian beauty confirms the betrayal of our Thiago Jaquita, in 'Casados'

The Russian beau of Tiago Jaquita, of ‘Casados’, of SIC, breaks the silence and tells the whole truth about the betrayal to Dina Guedes – Nacional

After Dina Geddes and Thiago Jacquetta, also Anna Sherepanova He decided to tell his side about the love triangle on “Married at First Sight”.from SIC. The personal trainer lover from Sesimbra began by explaining how their first meeting took place, on their honeymoon in Cape Verde: “He found me from the hotel’s website. He wrote: I think I dined not far from you. I replied that I did not remember him. I agreed to have a drink and speak with him.”Explain to Maria.

“We easily found a common language, talked nonstop, told me about the program and the fact that he and Dina They only photograph together. He met her for the first time on their wedding day and they had nothing in common‘, she continued.

He did not love her, nor he, nor his family, nor the friends who knew her. His goal was just to become famous and take advantage of it. He said that Dina did the same and that they were not even in the same room, ”the Russian continued, after explaining what happened that night: “We had fun, we liked each other very much, we felt the chemistry between us and that night he stayed in my room. He left in the morning”he revealed, assuring that they would see each other again every day of their honeymoon.

Although everything was going according to what was normal for her, Anna found the argument between Thiago and Dina strange: “It was a warning sign. Why would you be upset if you knew about me? It means he lied to me. To prove that he wasn’t, he put my initials on his Instagram profile, as proof that his feelings were sincere and that it was just a show and he had nothing to hide “, problems that worsened with the end of the stay. In Cape Verde: “I began to have doubts, and confidence began to decline, because it is difficult for me to have a long-distance relationship.”

Tiago and Dina’s wedding pictures on ‘Casados’

Anna also revealed it thiago He sent her gifts like flowers, texts, and a bear, and that he had gone to Sweden for a relationship that was supposed to last three weeks, refusing to go into further details about the breakup:When he came, we were only together for three days. The reason it didn’t work was just between us. Our relationship is not a reality. I just wanted to explain this situation while the show was on air. right Now, When I watch the episodes I have many doubts. I look like a villain“, He said.

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Finally, the Russian questioned the permanence of Dina Geddes on the program after learning about the betrayal: “Why didn’t you withdraw from the program? She would say, for example, “Well, you’re disgusting, you cheated on me, you were hurt, and humiliated,” but she chose to stay on the show, “and questioned the ex-lover in a similar way: “What strong need for money must she endure to endure such humiliation and continue acting in this sheer madness, on a reality show?”He concluded that all conversations were saved in the social network’s message box.

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