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The Russian football legend fled the country: – I’m scared

Football legend: Alexander Kerzhakov, here in the Zenit St Petersburg kit in 2016.

One of the best Russian footballers of all time, Alexander Kerzhakov, 40, says he left the country as a result of the war. Famous politicians rage against the myth.


Among others, Kerzjakov played with Norwegian Erik Hagen at Zenit St. Petersburg. He has been living in the Emirates and Cyprus since the fall of 2022.

– It became very difficult for me and my wife. I am afraid. I never thought that something like this would be possible, says Kerzhakov in an interview with journalist Nobel Aristamjan in YouTube channel.

– When they asked me in interviews what was my greatest wish, I answered “that there is no war.” somewhere in the world.

– I do not understand that something like this can happen in such a modern and progressive society.

However, he denies that he and his family have “denied their country.” Kerzhakov does not speak directly about President Vladimir Putin and his regime, nor does he directly answer what he believes is wrong with Russia today.

Well-known Russian professor Konstantin Sonin summarizes the interview as follows on Twitter:

Many already well-known politicians criticized Kerzhakov:

– All he got from Russia. He must understand this. As a citizen of Russia, he must realize that he has not only rights, but also duties. That is why it is so strange to hear such things from him, says Dmitry Svishchev, a party politician. LDPRLDPRThe ultranationalist party led by the now deceased Vladimir Zhirinovsky. And the head of the Russian Curling Federation, according to Govorit Moscow.

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He still doesn’t think Kerzhakov should be classified as a “foreign agent,” a designation applied to opponents of the regime, such as journalists and politicians who criticize Putin.

– I did not expect this from Kerzhakov. Another politician, Svetlana Zgorova of Putin’s United Russia party, says he sounded quite pro-Russian, according to Govorit Moscow. Zurova is a former Olympic figure skating champion.

Kerzhakov is primarily known for his football career at Zenit St. Petersburg, but he also played for Sevilla and Dynamo Moscow.

He is the best scorer of the Russian national team (post-Soviet Union in 1991) and in football in the Russian Premier League.