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The Russian invasion of Ukraine: - He will build a wall against Russia

The Russian invasion of Ukraine: – He will build a wall against Russia

Sumy Provincial Governor Dmytro Zwivitskij will make exciting remarks on Wednesday.

“After the victory, we must build a real wall against Russia,” Zyvitsky said in an interview with Ukrainian. league.

Until we build a wall – similar to the one between the United States and Mexico – or even a bigger and stronger wall, the threat to Sumy, unfortunately, will remain. He adds that as long as there is no such wall, it will be very difficult to defend anything.

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Unfortunately, we didn’t succeed

The Sumy region is located in the north-east of Ukraine, on the border with Russia. The city of Sumy and the province of the same name have been subjected to violent Russian attacks since the invasion on February 24.

The city is besieged by Russian forces and for a long time it was without water and electricity. New supplies didn’t come either.

The Russian forces have now withdrawn from the region.

The governor says county leaders have discussed building a wall toward the end of 2021, and he describes the talks as serious.

– Unfortunately we didn’t succeed. The proposed floor plans were not sufficient today. Zhyvytskyj says the app would not have had the desired effect.

Leak: In a leaked audio clip, we hear what is supposed to be a Russian soldier calling home from Ukraine. Video: Telegram. Reporter: Magnus Paus / Dagbladet TV
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Five meters high

As the ruler sees it, he could not despise “the construction of a good wall five meters high, in height and width.”

– The entire border with Russia must be protected not only by a wall, but also by military personnel.

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He went on to say that the first time he discussed this topic was in 2014, after Russia annexed Crimea and started the war in eastern Ukraine.

In addition to the wall, the governor also wants to build permanent defensive positions along the border.

Zhvyvytskyj shared the article himself Her Telegram channel Wednesday evening.