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The Russians appeared with a “turtle tank”

The Russians appeared with a “turtle tank”

Photo: Ministry of Defense of Ukraine

The Ukrainian military opened their eyes when they discovered this Russian wearing monster.

They simply built a “turtle shell” around what experts believe to be a T-72 tank.

It is unclear whether there are more tanks with these special metal shells.

However, the Ukrainians have already destroyed one of them – having taken refuge in an aircraft hangar in the Donetsk region.

– An extreme example of finding a way to survive, Lieutenant Colonel Joachim Pasicki of the Swedish Defense Academy tells VG.

– It appears that the Russians – as well as the Ukrainians – are trying to find all possible solutions.

– How did you work?

– Well, the turret wasn't able to move as much as a regular tank, and then it soon became clear that it could also be fought when Ukrainian forces discovered it in the hangar.

The lieutenant colonel says that it is difficult for the tanks on the front:

-The battlefield is very transparent. It is almost impossible to hide. Then you have to find other ways. But then it turned out that the Russian “turtle tank” could still be defeated.

– How do you describe it?

– It's another example of ingenuity – or perhaps we should say desperation. We've also seen photos of a Russian heavy truck with the hood around it. But that doesn't seem to make much difference, Pasikivi says.

It was the Ukrainian drone team that Spotted the tankwhich according to Forbes It weighed 51 tons and had three soldiers on board.

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Russia conducted a successful test of a ballistic missile on Friday. The Russian Ministry of Defense stated that the missile was launched in the Astrakhan region.

This confirms the high reliability of Russian missiles to ensure strategic security in Russia, according to the pro-Kremlin newspaper Izvestia.

In early March, Russia tested an intercontinental ballistic missile equipped with an autonomous JARS multi-target warhead, according to the Russian Defense Ministry and reproduced by Izvestia.

Both countries have T-72 tanks. And here is a Ukrainian soldier sticking his head out. Photograph: Alina Smutko/Reuters/NTB

Forbes also wrote that it was the buttresses that raised the roof, preventing the tower from rotating more than a few degrees. It may also have been difficult to maneuver.

Video from the Ukrainian defense shows the tank leading a column of armored vehicles as it drives through Ukrainian fire to flush out infantry near Krasnohorivka, where the Russians are trying to advance.

It only took a day or two from its discovery until it was blown to smithereens, according to Forbes.

The reason the Ukrainians discovered its hiding place is said to be a video, possibly filmed by a Russian soldier, showing the tank in its hiding place. It was possible to determine the location of this and include the coordinates in the attack.