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The scale of the human trafficking tragedy in Texas is growing – VG

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Dead on the Road Toward the American Dream: Here ended the lives of 53 immigrants who died of hypoxia and hyperthermia in an abandoned truck in San Antonio, Texas, this week.

The death toll of immigrants found on a truck train in San Antonio, Texas, this week has risen to 53.


Eleven people still in hospital write on Wednesday afternoon US time People Magazine.

Their source is a spokesperson for US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, affiliated with US Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

On Monday afternoon local time, emergency services left in San Antonio, Texas Abandoned truck full of migrants.

According to fire chief Charles Hood, there must have been no water in the car.

– He said we saw piles of corpses.

It is not known how long the migrants were in custody when they were found. The trailer must not have water or run air conditioning.

The experience of many immigrants

Archbishop Gustavo García Celler of the Archdiocese of San Antonio said: NBC News He visited nine hospitals from Monday night to Tuesday, but many survivors were unable to communicate.

– That trailer has been abandoned. The immigrants were abandoned. human beings. human beings. In the interview, he said, this is the experience of many immigrants who come to the United States despite crossing the border.

Emergency authorities on site: the crime scene in San Antonio where 53 immigrants have lost their lives so far during human trafficking.

An immigrant who managed to open her eyes as the archbishop was leaving the hospital room told Garcia Celler she was from Guatemala, according to NBC News.

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– I said: You are alive and we are grateful to God and we hope that you will continue on the path of recovery, says the Archbishop of the strong meeting.

The worst accident

At a press conference on Tuesday afternoon, it was announced that 51 people had been found dead. The number has now increased to 53 divided by 40 men and 13 women. Forensic scientists should be able to identify 39 of the victims.

This is the worst human trafficking incident in the United States. San Antonio-based specialist Craig Larrabee said in a phone interview with CNN.

– In the past, smuggling organizations such as “Mom” and “Dad” worked. Now they are organized and linked to cartels. So you have a criminal organization that doesn’t care about the safety of immigrants. They are treated as goods and not as people.

The victims are said to have come from Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras. Emergency services were notified of the abandoned trailer at 6 p.m. Monday local time.

DANGEROUS: San Antonio Mayor Ron Nirenberg and Police Chief William McManus at a press conference in San Antonio on Tuesday

According to Fire Chief Charles Hood, 12 adults and 4 children were “too hot to touch” when they were discovered. They must have suffered from heat stroke and exhaustion.

We won’t open a truck and see the piles of corpses. None of us come to work and imagine that happening, Hood said.

– The heat was intense. There was no air in the car. There was no water. they suffered. They lost consciousness and ended up dying.

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Joe Biden: – Scary and heartbreaking

A doctor from the San Antonio Fire Department publicly confirmed that the immigrants who survived were close to death.

He describes the situation as very critical.

President Joe Biden spoke out and condemned the incident.

The tragic loss of life in San Antonio, Texas is frightening and heartbreaking. In a statement released Tuesday, Biden said our prayers are with those who have lost their lives, their loved ones, and those still fighting for their lives.

Shaken: Joe Biden condemns human trafficking. Pictured from a speech to Congress, he called for tougher gun laws in the United States after the recent mass shootings.

“Reports indicate that this tragedy is caused by people smugglers and smugglers who do not take into account the lives they put in danger and exploit them for profit,” Biden said.

In connection with the investigation, two men have been charged with illegal possession of a weapon and a third man is likely to be charged with the same charge, according to CNN and Reuters.

However, they should not be accused of human trafficking or causing someone’s death.

Watch VGTV: Migrants found dead in trucks

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