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The science behind digital setup

The science behind digital setup

by Fabricio Beltran *

The increase in the search for ways to automate the operational structure was not accidental. In the corporate context, more and more companies are faced with the need to maximize gains on efficiency and speed of operations, in order to maintain a satisfactory level of competitiveness and collective performance. However, in view of the goal of normalizing the technological component between teams, it is necessary to understand which tool is most appropriate and how it can correspond to the reality of the data presented.

In this sense, digital preparation platforms have introduced changes that go beyond the procedural aspect, providing a strategic approach to the flow of information. Therefore, understanding the function associated with a solution is the first step to staying out of its true impact. Today, remaining oblivious to the dynamism and aspects of technology is the same as ignoring a flurry of possibilities to stick to, leaving only the lazy and inefficient activities in terms of marketing.

As etapas does on the digital plane

Currently, the challenges to data storage and use are numerous and require an immediate and comprehensive response. In short, the digital setup seeks to reformulate the validation process for customer registration, which has a positive impact on the management of information received by users. In order to ensure that all steps regarding the applicability of the tool are done in an agile, safe and efficient manner, it is necessary to adopt certain preventive practices, always through automation.

In connection with the analysis of the incoming document, there is a whole classification procedure, in which the data is identified and categorized into categories relevant to the regulation of the sector, such as RG or residential proof. Next, the image processing will be designed, which will result in data extraction, and thus obtaining specific information about the user, verified in the public databases of the Federal Revenue Service of Brazil (RFB).

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It is noteworthy that the anti-fraud stance should be embodied by possible actions, which can be achieved by implementing a robust platform. A striking example is the use of facial biometrics, whose function extends to identification via a selfie a user sends, and to make an instant comparison with the analyzed document. Another relevant step of the procedure is the detection of facial expressions, modeling and the shape of the face itself. With this said, still images or scam masks are fought and rejected.

Artificial intelligence for a new approach to data

As an AI-powered activity, relying on machine learning and analytics methodologies, the Fraud Prevention System also relies on document analysis, this time with the strategic participation of specialized analysts, who will be responsible for verifying, in detail, all the information obtained at the end of the process.

All this technical path will lead to the authorization of registration or not, which greatly reduces the occurrence of fraud and other illegal practices. It is undoubtedly a structure built in favor of what is more positive in the relationship between technology and business, which brings the business in harmony with current legislation.

In conclusion, it is necessary for the manager to look closely at the digital enrollment, to have in its knowledge a valuable ally, able to promote a new level of information technology, where the data will be handled with analytical intelligence and greater security.

* Fabricio Beltran Founder and Head of Artificial Intelligence at Nextcode. He graduated in data technology, has a graduate degree in big data and mobile development, and has over 19 years of experience in projects focused on technology and innovation.

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