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The Science for All Prize selects the research projects of public school students at SP|  education

The Science for All Prize selects the research projects of public school students at SP| education

The Science for All Prize encourages research activities among public school students in São Paulo – Image: Pixabay

Starting this Friday (26), teachers and students from public schools in São Paulo will be able to register for the second edition of Science for All Award Interested parties should develop research projects aimed at solving community problems. Deadline ends June 26.

Promoted by the Roberto Marinho Foundation and the São Paulo State Research Foundation (Fapesp), the initiative aims to bring young people closer to science.

Ask your questions below:

🏆 Who can apply? Students and teachers from public schools in the State of São Paulo, in the following categories:

  • 6th to 9th grade of normal primary school;
  • Ordinary high school
  • Years 6 to 9 of Primary Youth and Adult Education (EJA)
  • EJA High School;
  • Secondary technical and vocational education.

🏆 What are the goals? Encourage the development of scientific activities in public schools and bring students closer to research initiatives.

“The Prize seeks (…) to contribute to the formation of citizens committed to sustainable development and to generate growth in future demand for scientists and researchers,” says Marco Antonio Zago, President of FAPESP.

🏆 What are the prizes? In each of the five categories, the winning students and professors will win a visit to a FAPESP-supported research center (with transportation, food, pedagogical mediation, and a kit with bag, T-shirts, and notebook). Teachers will also get a notebook. All videos produced by the winning teams will be shown on YouTube and on Canal Futura’s social networks.

🏆 What are the pre-requisites for submitted projects? Business must be:

  • identify a concrete problem in the community,
  • formulating hypotheses,
  • review existing literature on this topic,
  • Submission of proposals for intervention in the form of a video.

🏆 What are the selection steps? All participants will participate in the training days in the digital Canal Futura environment. They will also receive guidance on the development of research projects and audiovisual productions.

  • Phase 1: After the training day, 100 projects will be selected;
  • Stage 2: Two finalists are selected in each category;
  • Phase 3: 5 winners are nominated for 2023, one for each category.

🏆 When will the award be? The results will be announced on the 21st of October. The ceremony will take place on October 25, at a location to be determined later.


  • Recordings: From May 26th to June 26th
  • notice (only available from May 26):
  • First Step – Submission of a written research projectUntil June 30, 2023
  • Disclosure of selected projects for the second phase: July 25, 2023
  • Second Step – Submitting the research report and audiovisual record: Until September 30, 2023
  • Disclosure of the final projects in the five categories: October 16, 2023
  • Disclosure of the winning projects in the five categories: October 21, 2023
  • Prize event: October 25, 2023