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The Scientific Preparation Hall of the Agriculture Secretariat presents 54 research works

The Scientific Preparation Hall of the Agriculture Secretariat presents 54 research works

The tenth edition of the Scientific and Technological Initiation Hall (Sicit) of the Department of Agricultural Diagnostics and Research (DDPA) of the Secretariat of Agriculture, Livestock and Rural Development (Seapdr) will be held on Wednesday (9/29) and Thursday (9/30/9). There will be 32 oral presentations of research in the areas of animal, rural and plant development. The full schedule, which also includes the Fifth Postgraduate Workshop and Research Fair, is available Here.

In all, 54 scientific and technological works have been registered by grantees for higher, secondary, and postgraduate education, as well as research by DDPA researchers. Submitted business posters can be viewed Here.

The event will be held by default, broadcast by DDPA event channel on YouTube. The registration window for listeners is open until Tuesday (28/9) at It entitles you to a certificate that can be issued for free from the same platform within 90 days after the event.

Children’s space

For the first time, Sicit will have a space for children, also in a virtual way. Organized by the DDPA’s Women in Science Working Group, it is an environment aimed at children of participating mothers and fathers. The children’s virtual space will have its own room, exclusively for children, with simultaneous activities taught by DDPA researchers and private participation by writer Raquel Ribeiro. There will be storytelling, puppet theatre, and fun experiences and activities.

Registration for Espaço Kids also takes place until Tuesday (28/9) through the same platform for registering listeners. It is only necessary that you inform, upon registration, that you are interested in Espaço Kids and the age of the child(s) who will participate. The complete schedule of space is Here.
Communication, science and society

The topic of the tenth session this year is Communication, Science and Society, and Wednesday morning will be devoted to lectures on this topic. The first speaker will be Luiz Almeida, from the Instituto Cuesto de Ciencia, who will speak on “Communication: Immunization against Denial”. Next, Gilson Volpato, of the Gilson Volpato Institute of Science Education, will speak on the topic “Communication, Science, and Society”. To close the lecture course, Melanie Fontes-Dutra, from the COVID-19 Analysis Network, will speak on “Scientific Publishing in Times of a Pandemic”.

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About Sicit

The Tenth Session and Fifth Alumni Workshop and Research Fair aims to enable undergraduate students, alumni and researchers from DDPA and other institutions to present the results of their research activities, stimulating scientific curiosity, logical reasoning, critical sense, responsibility, and enthusiasm for science. It also seeks to generate interest in research and development of innovative products and processes, promoting knowledge generation and the transfer of new technologies and services to agriculture in the state of Rio Grande do Sul.

Text: Elaine Pinto / Ascom Spader
Edition: Secom