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The second phase of the flu vaccination begins next week

(Photo: Erasmo Salomao / Ministry of Health)

The second phase of the national influenza vaccination campaign starts on Tuesday (11) and runs until June 8.

The campaign, promoted by the Ministry of Health nationwide, began last month and is estimated to vaccinate 79.7 million people.

The second phase is aimed at elderly people over the age of 60 and teachers. About 33 million people are expected to be vaccinated at this point.

The third phase, between June 9 and July 9, will cover approximately 22 million people. This target audience consists of members of the armed, security and rescue forces. People with comorbidities, special clinical conditions, or permanent disabilities; Truck drivers. Transport workers on public roads; Port workers; Officials of the deprivation of liberty regime; Population deprived of their liberty; And adolescents in social and educational measures.

The campaign began on April 12 with the vaccination of children between the ages of 6 months and 6 years, indigenous peoples, health workers, pregnant women and women who have given birth recently (up to 45 days after birth). People who have taken the first or second dose of the covid-19 vaccine must wait at least 14 days to get a flu shot.

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According to the campaign’s vaccination scale, 6.9 million doses of 27, 3 million doses have already been applied, distributed across all states.

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