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The secret behind the photo that celebrates the 13th wedding anniversary of Kate and William – Celebrities

The secret behind the photo that celebrates the 13th wedding anniversary of Kate and William – Celebrities

time is passing. We blink, and suddenly, it's been 13 years since that sunny (very lucky!) day in April 2011 Where Kate and William tied the knot. The wedding dress has enchanted everyone who has waited (more or less) patiently. The bride's sister, Pippa, carried the veil and train She attracted attention with her elegance and friendliness – how could two sisters be so nice? There has been some criticism that Kate chose too heavy eye makeup, but considering that she herself – the heroine of the huge production that was due to be broadcast live around the world – did her makeup, it will be so. It deserves to be recommended by critics as they suck lemons. It was nice. And the groom wasn't bad either. -Do you remember him? Keep this memory present because we will need it later. We have a secret to reveal…

This year, as always, The couple decided to celebrate their anniversary by releasing a never-before-seen photo. They chose a photo from the same day, 13 years ago. This is the first strange thing, after all, princes usually share a current photo. However, taking that into consideration The couple is not having the best of times. With the princess undergoing cancer treatment, the two appeared smiling, with a happy look that may have seemed forced. Above all, they probably don't feel it. Therefore, there is nothing more natural than choosing an image of the day it all began, a day full of hope and promise, and everything was still fine.

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The photo in question is in black and white and shows Kate next to William, who… wait a minute… do you remember what William was wearing? That red coat is unforgettable, isn't it? But in the festive photo, that's definitely not the jacket he's wearing. After much speculation on social media, it has finally become possible to discover the message hidden in the image. When they exchanged vows, William was wearing the red uniform of a colonel of the Irish Guards. However, in the new black and white photo, William is wearing the blue kit of the Blues and Royals – a nod to the fact that the Princess of Wales is now the right to wear the red kit, as King Charles III recently took the title from William and gave it to Kate.

But… will it actually be a friendly wink or Passive aggressive jab? Bets are accepted.